how to choose guitar and bass amps?


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hi all,

my friend recently just asked me for advice for buying amps, his school has a budget for him of about 2k to get 3 amps, 2 guitar and 1 bass.
he need somthing that is good enu for jamming and to be use for outdoor events too.

as i am rather green in music and equipment, i couldnt really advice him.
can anyone out there give some advice??

2k isn't really a huge budget. If you're talking performance amps right, those can come up to 1.5k PER amp. So I'm guessing you'd have to settle for mid-range offerings.

you could tell your friend to split the 2k as such :
750 for bass amp (they're expensive)
1250 for 2 guitar amps .

Not a bassist, perhaps 3notesabar can reccomend some nice amps...

For guitar amps, you can either choose Marshall, which is quite affordable, British-like tone . Or a lower end Peavey Transtube. For about $625 each, some decent models should be available.

The mentioned models should be able to give quite decent units. But ask if your friend can squeeze more out from the school :p More worth to get better units, especially if the school wants to hold performances regularly.
how bout marshall ministack, seriously i doubt hes got enough to get both guitars and amps
guitar and bass amp

hi all thnks for the prompt reply,,

i just cheecked out swee lee website...
i kinda stumb at the different names of the amp...

cabinet? stack?

by the way,,, the wattage determines the "loudness" right??
a normal practice amp is usually 10 to 15 watts??
Put simply, a cabinet, is a box with speakers inside. Speakers, can come in 8",10" or 12" , the latter being the most responsive. (Inches)

Most cabinets come in 4x12 . Meaning, 4 speakers, 12 inches each, within a cabinet (box).

Cabinets are designed to work in conjunction with amp Heads. Those rectangular-cuboid shaped amplifiers with many knobs. When you connect an amp head and cabinet, placing the head on top of the cabinet, you get whats known as a 'mini-stack'.

When you place a Head above 2 cabinets, as such :

, you'll get whats known as a 'Stack' .

Those normal, smaller sized amps are known as 'combo' amps, basically all in 1 la .

Yes and no. Wattage need not indicate loudness. It merely indicates how much power output an amplifier is able to generate. But two 15W amplifiers need not mean both are the same loudness. There are cases and exceptions (Roland Cube series), etc.