How much gear do (would) you bring to a gig?


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Just curious... because I´ve always been in the DONT-NEED-AN-AMP-COZ-I-AINT-GONNA-GIG-WIF-IT camp. Just some simple effects or a multi-fx and the guitar will do for me.

So do you guys lug ur amps to gigs or what?

I mean, quite a bunch of people I know have really decent amps but I just can´t see the opportunity for using them anywhere, but I´m just getting the GET-A-NEW-AMP-SYNDROME, so I´m kindof like trying to justify my urges...

BTW lets use this thread to recommend some nice amps too...
cheap and good... behringer vintager 110 or something like that. the one without digital effects.

its got 3 modes of analogue simulation and to me sounds pretty cool.

do a search on trekav and they offer good prices for behringer. alternately you can go to this music shop at ........ somewhere at Newton MRT.... one of those shopping center.... paiseh. forgot the building and shop name liaw.
I think is Novena the United Square? I´m not sure but i think quite hyper inflated their prices too. The VAMP is like 300 plus leh.
oh thanks mates. yeah i been shortlisting the gm110 a while already but still dont know if i really need an amp.

thanks anyway. and getting from trektechav is good they reply email fast.