How many of u here are committed to more than one band?


one with my friends of over 8 years, one in a l'arc en ciel cover band, another with a hard rock band.

it's sometimes hard to manage a lot of them at one go. timing problems mainly i guess. the l'arc band is purely for interest, so no conflicts. the other two... hmm.
different bands may have different playing but it's hard to choose which to enter with for comps. :lol:
2 bands.

One of which with a drummer of whom the band's making do with, for the reason that finding a replacement would be difficult, and we'd not be willing to start all over again.
3notesabar has like what... 50? hahahahahha

i got like... 3 bands now...
hope these three stays strong!
When you guys say 'in a band', does it mean youre playing full-time with them? or just jamming? I guess it just boils down to whether we gig often with them!

Channy Min Channy, I'd like to state for the record that i'm in 4 bands. 2 active, one to start soon (crazy elephants i hope), and one kinda defunct. No choice, gotta eat la. I've been asked by a few people to play at night, but it turned out that they were just wasting my time. Hence the 'take what comes along first' mentality. Also, I only play in bands with FRIENDS. I'm sure strangers hvae friends themselves, so f**k em' :) but thats off topic...
Well I've got quite a few. Jamming Band , Gigging band, School Concert band, rubber band, three-man band, cover band, big band, small band, banned band.
solid man!!! i was at crazys the past sunday... and the angmoh band there wasnt fantastic... curtis king... like 3 guitarists playing at one time... wtf... so messy..