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How to play this song? Do you have to pluck chords or just pluck individual notes(pai seh dunno how to say)?

THanks :D
There are many ways to play this song.

But if you want to play the studio version, there are at least 4 guitar parts including the use of a 12-string guitar.

For the unplugged version, you need 3 guitarist to play various parts. Watch how the Eagles play it on the Hell Freezes Over DVD/VCD/LD.

If you're playing alone, just play the chords lah. At the verses, you play the chords in an arpeggio style (meaning playing the notes of chords one after another while holding down the chord). For the chorus, just strum. You'll probably have to skip the solo unless you can play melody and accompaniment at the same time.

If you have another guitarist, then two of you can play different parts.

You can get the tabs for both the electrc and unplugged versions from the web. Just google for it.
you can do this successfully with 2 guitars
or a
2 guitar 1 bass version

If you are the strum and sing type, 1 will do

A good combi is 3 guitars,

a practical combi is 2 guitars, can do almost all of the things on the album, including electrical solo part.