Which amp should I buy? (Read my post b4 voting)

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Hey anyone knows what shops in SG sell Marshall amps 1st hand? And can you give me the address of the place? Thnx all.

And also, I currently have a Fender elec git, and I'm looking to buy a new amp cuz my current one sux. I might be buying another Gibson down the road so I'm stuck over what to buy.

Should I go straight for a Marshall amp which my friends say go well with Gibson gits? Or should I stick to something that sounds good with a Fender?

Could you guys vote for which amp you think I should get? If you think there's another brand suitable for Gibson's which I haven't added, do tell me and I'll add it.
i like fender amps. like the tone. maybe you might wanna import. but take note of the voltage difference. e.g. US have diff eletrical input standards.

hey, if you are getting a gibby. you can check this local site out. the gibs in there are quite cheap.
razorb0iz said:
Yeah I was thinking of getting a Fender Twin Reverb =D

twin reverb is nice sounding amp for clean. Very nice, I must say. But once in a while (maybe quite often, depends on your playing style), you might want the amp to break up and produce natural overdrive. And this is very hard to achieve with this amp. The headroom is so big that even if you crank it very high. You most likely need to supplement with an overdrive pedal.

I'd rather get the little cousin, Fender Deluxe Reverb if I had the budget.