SOLD WTS: Sterling Musicman JP100D with Yamaha THR10 Amp.

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Hello again everyone,

Reluctantly letting my guitar and amp go due to financial commitments for my kids.

Selling off my pre loved Sterling by Musicman JP100D John Petrucci Signature Model (Made in Indonesia) & my Yamaha THR10 amp.

- Guitar is in excellent condition and stock. Comes complete with all original tools and trem bar. Locking tuners, 24 frets, original Dimarzio pickups (Crunch Lab & Liquid Fire)

- Yamaha THR10 (Simply just wow. What can I say about this amp? I'm a bedroom guitar player and first off, this amp. Will give you great tones without having to crank the volume up to angry neighbours level. You have to try it to believe it. And it also runs on batteries if you need to.)

Selling everything for 990 dollars.

You will get,
- Sterling by Musicman JP100D John Petrucci Signature Model.
- Fender Cable (seafoam green I think at least 5 meters)
- Yamaha THR10 (used)
- the guitar comes with original heavily padded Gig bag.

Guitar setup for shred but if you are a bedroom guitarist like me, you won't need another guitar or amp for a long time. This set up pretty much covers it.

WhatsApp 87507500 to view or try at Hillview Area. I can send you sample sounds from my setup if you want.
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Guitar sold to a kind gentleman.

Only Yamaha THR10 V2 amp left for sale. Selling at $220.
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