HELP: Gt6b problem


New member
I've been using my Gt6b for about a year now and it has always fed me with my bass needs. But today, when I turned it on there is no sound coming out from it. I usually plug in to a line selector so that I can blend in clean tone. At first I thought my LS-2 unit's battery was faulty so I went to change it. However, there was still no sound. So I figured maybe it was the amp's problem I plugged my bass directly into the amp and there was sound. Next, I decided to remove the LS-2 and directly connect into the amp through my gt6b and there was totally no sound at all!

Does anyone know where I can send my gt6b for repair services? Thanks!
where did you buy it from? try sending it back to them for repair. If not I think sweelee should be able to do it since they're the dealers for boss, if I'm not wrong.