HELP~ Classical Saddle


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Argh i changed my classical saddle and now the strings from 6E to B sound the same on both the 12th and 13th fret. The high Estring is ok tho. This is freaking me out. Issit because i must get a saddle which has even height thruout and not one tt slowly tapers down?
this might be the case of ur 12th fret being lower then ur 13th fret... and ur saddle being very low...

the saddle height on the 6th string should be the heighest point on ur classical guitar's saddle... and the 1st string the lowest... check that they are in the right position
Take the guitar down to the boys at Maestro and ask them for a replacement TusQ saddle for it that is higher than the one you have and fits in the slot properly. They can nput it in for you, or you can do it yourself and this should solve your problem.


Honestly I don't know. I have always been able to get their saddles at a discount as I occassionally help them out with work and I adjust the saddles myself.

Suggest you give them a call and ask them. They are nice guys, especailly Anthony and George, so explain your situation over the phone and they may be able to get a saddle for you that fits perfectly and you only need to put it in with out any work.