heavy string


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so one day, i went to get some new strings for my guitar, and it lead to a series of unforturnate events.
i bought medium strings 0.11 - 0.47 thickness :cry:
my guitar couldn't handle te strings and the neck warped.and the screw to the cover of the truss rod jammed.
the strings are so damn tight now, and my fingers are all worned out.
i would say u shld remove the strings at once, and see if the truss rod is still stuck. if yes, its best u bring it down to some guitar tech and have him take a look at it. i dont know if the warped neck can be fixed, but i think u shldnt leave it on, it might get worse? :?
.11 is fine with me, i changed from a .085 to .11, and mi neck never warp, anw the thicker string juz needs some getting used to, but the thicker sound pays off realli well
okayy so i got a great idea... i'll drop tune the guitar lower (its currently drop d) so that the strings wont be so tight, and i'll use pliers to get the screw out.
ok so whats is drop c?
some kinds of necks cant take heavy guages of strings... take out all the striongs right now... you could bend the neck, spoil the bridge and the springs holding it...
man, guess what happened, the high e string snapped suddenly, but its good, the strings are looser now , now i'll do the truss rod.
truss rods are BEST to be left to the luthiers!!!!!!! NEVER NEVER do it yourself, unless you know how... try sending it to davis, cheap and good...
i tried DIY before, so it turned out to be a horrible mess... but as time goes, you'll get good with it, leave your truss rod as it is...
where extreme resistance was felt, so the people at davis told me that nothing serious happened, just that i over tightend the rod, but luckily, the neck was still straight...