WTS: 2009 Fender Road Worn 60s Stratocaster, 3TS, Upgraded, First Year Production


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ONLY $1,188 for cash deal! No trades.
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A chance to get a Relic and Authentic Fender strat which is soooo resonant BTW (only matching my real Vintage 65) and light at 3.45KG.

Upgrades made from standard specs:
🔺️Fender Pure Vintage (PV) '59 p/u set
🔺️Callaham Vintage Tremolo Block
🔺️Fender PV "Pat Pending" saddles
🔺️Bone nut

Easily $500 worth of upgrades.

☝First year production - 2009, Road Worn 60's stratocaster. These costs $1,649 brand new at present MSRP but with Pau Ferro fingerboard (unlike this piece which has east indian rosewood).

☝Heavy Relic look is a combination of factory, handmade and more than a decade of use. Not for the faint-hearted. Evokes Rory Gallagher and John Frusciante's strats and many more guitar heroes using early 60s strats. While marketed as 60s strats, those in the know will know that this is modelled from 59-62 strats - slab rosewood, mint green pickguard, 12th fret "wide" dots and screw position above mid pickup.

🤘Newly setup. No fret buzz. Frets are about 90% - hasn't been levelled or crowned yet. New strings, 9s.

🤘 Comes with original Fender gig bag, a trem bar and original roadworn backplate and screws.

RFS: Saving up for a Vintage '62.

Fender Roadworn 60s.JPG