Headphone amplifiers


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Hey everyone, I am looking for headphone amplifiers for music listening, not those guitar or bass amps. I already have a Fiio E5, nice but it runs on internal battery which is not ideal as I need to connect it to my PC most of the time. I don't want to charge the battery constantly as it might kill the battery over time.

I have seen a few amps with built in DAC but I don't want it to replace my soundcard. So I want a dedicated desktop amp that runs on AC power, and not too expensive - hopefully can get one for less then $100.

I have checked with Stereo but they don't carry much amps, not too sure about Jaben but from their website, they seem to carry portable amps only. I have seen some on Amazon like the link below but they don't ship electronics here.


Does anyone know where else can I get budget headphone amps locally?