Cajon player looking for chill-out band


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Hi! I'm looking for competent musicians to enjoy chill-out instrumental improvised jams with. I play percussions and I'm alright on guitar and bass too. I have a cajon drum kit, amps, a small keyboard, and a mixer at home, and I'm looking to take advantage of my home jamming space.

I'm looking for bassists, guitarists, keyboardists, and other percussionists too. Read below, and text me at 81339901 if you fit the bill. (please don't reply on SOFT as I don't check this forum regularly)

I want:
- to play chill-out groovy music (soul, reggae, blues, triphop, etc.).
- the jams to be exploratory (improv and experimentation).
- to play music that's soothing, pleasant and enjoyable.

I don't want:
- to play rock or metal music.
- endless 1-4-5 blues jams.
- to play covers.

I'm looking for musicians who:
- are reasonably proficient.
- creative and versatile.
- are able to play by ear.
- aren't obsessed with theory / speed / being as technical as possible.
- enjoy a stripped-down chill-out vibe.
- prioritize sounding good over playing fancy.

Fyi, I'm 40, but I'm pretty young at heart and easy going. I don't mind jamming with people of any age, but I hope you're not stuck in the 60s/70s/80s, or worse, a boomer-hater.