GUNDAM anyone?


just wondering if there are any GUNDAM fans here?

OMG. Subversion gonna go from Gear Review to Action Figure collector!
Kidding. But... Really ar? You're a Gundam fan?
love them when i was a kid. (very, very long time...) i bought their fix-it-urself model. the half fighter plane and half robot type, but cannot fix it. then throw the whole goddamn thing away...

errr... what's my point ahhh???
haha...i'm currently watchin gundam seed destiny ....its ay epi 47 now....planning to get the strike freeedom model soon
i'm not a Gundam model fan but i own a few for artistic purposes- pose them to draw. i believe that this mecha-oriented anime has a very strong story line albeit being complicated at times. thoroughly enjoyable.

currently on Gundam SEED Destiny...
i like gundams in the Wing series. especially the one that looked like grim reaper, Deathsycthe Gundam.
i like the neon genesis evangelion ones better. robots with a soul . ethical and moral dilemnas. fascinating.
subversion said:
artistic purposes- pose them to draw.

Omg. I can't draw for nuts. Sub! One day must let me see! Would be interesting.. some of my friends do sketch, but yeah, just a rough sketch. They say musicians are also good visual artists...
Haha gundam fan here since young :lol:

I collect a few models, but I only buy the Master Grade series ones since they're the only ones that I think are worth buying, the other kits usually have very poor articulation or details. Unforunately since I like to display them on my table they get dropped sometimes... :cry:

Anime-wise, currently on Gundam Seed Destiny, of which the last episode was a bit on the lame side haha.
ohhhh baby em' til Gundam Seed destiny showed up....where their storylines suck IMO , and my models broke......then i turned to musik :)
i used to buy lotsa gundams back in my primary school days, wasnt really into the anime though

just liked big stylish robots :D