Guitars and Computer?


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Is there any relations with guitar and computers?
I was playing my guitar in front of the comp and causes a buzzing sound.
when i played away from the comp, there' no buzzing sound. any help?

Btw, will the pickups get damaged playing if fornt of the comp? my guitar's pickups are getting weaker as i play in front of the comp..
Any advice?

Patient: Doctor doctor! It hurts when I do this!
Doctor: Don't do that.

That said, there shouldn't be any long term problem playing in front of the computer, unless you are placing your pickups right onto the monitor. Magnets tend to screw up monitors. I very much doubt your computer will degenerate your magnets.

The buzzing sound is hum from your monitor most likely. Especially with single coil pickups, you'll get hum when playing near monitors and flourescent lights and such.
remember your monitor has a refresh rate. That's why you see with the older video cams u can see the monitor "flicker" away. it's too fast for our eyes to see but not to the video cams. Probably that's what causing the problem.

As for your pickups getting weaker, I'm seriously not sure how you did that/arrived at that conclusion. Maybe you keep degaussing your monitor with the guitar pickups beside it? :lol: just kidding.
Ayooo! Degaussing the crt monitor while smacking the guitar's pickups onto the screen? screams<<<<Noooooo!!!>>>>

Quite a wicked joke ya you thor666!? :p

Ok, it's true that CRT type of monitors do cause humming on guitars pickups especially classic type single coils. There are other methods to mess up the pickups like dropping the pup hard smack flat on the floor, using the ebow, speaker magnet and placing the guitar next to a huge power generator you know the kind you see during those outdoor wayang or kotai shows.

Other than the above possible scenarios was there anything else that you or someone else did to your guitar?
embryo said:
Other than the above possible scenarios was there anything else that you or someone else did to your guitar?

Having a pup wired out of phase with itself? ;)

Anyway, placing your guitar next to big speakers will weaken the magnets too... speakers have powerful magnets.
Yup, the ebow does that to the pups over time. gotta watch out for those big speakers too ya.
SherT said:
Indigo_blues said:
change to LCD monitor. Guaranteed will have no hum.

Not true. My bloody pickups still take a shit when i play in front of mine.

Ah, it could be the LCD screen's power supply shielding issue. What pups are yours? The situation gets worse with more gain too right? Chances are if there's a transformer in there whatever it is you gotta watch out for it if you're using your electric especially the single coils. So how do you deal with this noise problem in the studio? The old guys call it "Search for Mecca".