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Hey everyone -

I'm Chris. Long time reader, first time caller. 40s ang moh guy from USA, married-with-kid and haven't played out in a few years and feeling the urge. Up for most anything, from jamming to playing out, but well aware that rock stardom ain't in the cards. Just want to have some fun.

I'd consider myself intermediate or perhaps slightly above in terms of guitar playing. Can also play some bass, keys and even a bit of drums. Vocals too; usually I do backup/harmony but I've done lead vox in a short-lived power trio too.

I'm big into American indie rock -- Yo La Tengo and Superchunk especially. Throw in some Foo Fighters, Wilco, Spoon, and more, mostly in that vein. I also really dug Snail Mail when she played here in October.

I was in bands in Chicago in the 90s and NYC/Brooklyn in the mid-00s, playing gigs and recording a few demos here and there. Can share recordings and/or youtubes of some performances on request.

I'm an easy going guy and am open-minded in terms of age, gender, nationality etc of who I'll play with - just want people who have a similar vibe as me (i.e. it's about having fun and being creative, not about being uptight/a jerk/etc.)

Hit me up here or via whassapp: +65 8660 4907. Thanks!