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can anyone name some cheap guitar shops in singapore? (no, please do not include Yamaha, it´s not cheap there.)
u mean u wanna purchase a cheap guitar shop? i dont think there´s any..but i think the cheapest around are those that sells kapok guitars..u can try them...

no offence...haha...
Davis maybe?
i got my electric from davis... pretty cheap there, but there should be other shops right? besides davis, swee lee. heard there was one at dhoby ghaut, but no idea where exactly...
theres a couple of guitar shops near dhoby ghaut in peace centre and the building next to it.... i got my acoustic at the biggest shop there... forgot the name....
There is one workshop near borders in orchard. It´s somewhere off the main road in some run down plaza building. Second hand guitars
geese there´s not a lot of em around ....

near hard rock. Guitar workshop

in peace center/parklane. sinamex(high end), guitar gallery(high end)(?), allmusic(?), musicfactory

at parklane. citymusic

at ginza luthermusic ( recommended)

at peninsular davis guitars

but the best place to get guitars.... 2nd hand online...
Samick guitars in davis. Around $200 you can even get a flying V. Got to stand their attitude though.

Luthermusic also sell budget guitar. Not very much variety though.
hah. i bought a samick from there, my first electric :D

let me list out all the shops i know: yamahas, davis, swee lee, luther, the one at peace centre... anywhere else?
Recently,I went to sim lim there to play those free PS2 games. I saw a small shop selling guitars inside, forgot the name. The shop is on the outside, at some corner. Cheap or not, i aint sure, but from the outside, i saw a suzuki guitar.
Dude used to work at swee lee before breaking out on his own. Most of the guitars are suzuki .. etc. low cost guitars. He's got some amps as well.

His shop is near the taxi stand if anyone wants to pay him a visit.
Luthermusic rocks!

To author: Huh? Yamaha ex? Do you know that Yamaha is one of the best value for guitars in the $600 region?

anyway yah, davis sucks man. super bad attitude. Luthermusic rocks! They may display very few, but tell them the model you want and they'll get it for u at a good price. Good place to shop if u already know wat u want
yo dude, if you are just a student who still depend on your parents, living off your parent house, $600 is a a lot, you noe. Not everyone can afford that. And off course, if your are already working and total independent, $6k might not be much too, let alone 600......
The shop near Taxi Stand of Sim Lim Sq

His name is Raymond and looks like a inconsistent guy..I went to his shop for buying some rack mounts and he quoted 155++ for 6U Gator Rack and I got a 5U SKB for 135 from Sweelee..

When I was talking to this Guy Raymond, He suddenly became angry Yelling at some body who refuse to buy his Yamaha Mixer....

Customer service !!!! sucks !!!again
What is a rackmount anyway?

Yeah! We need better customer service. We are the ones sustaining their business cause who else would buy music instruments if they are not playing music? Music plaza suck... over priced for so many items. Davis suck, bad attitude. Swee lee suck, think that they are the only music instrument dealer in s'pore. luther rocks! Cheap, down to earth prices, friendly service and they let you try their products even you not buying!
Dont you know....19" Rack Cases from SKB...Shallow and deep types?????

This fellow had some stocks...Last time I buy SKB Keyboard case from him....
Citymusic seems to have a good service..I was there couple of days before...seems ok..

Sweelee...hell with them..especially the ones at Sims !!!! :evil:

After Tony and George left...those freaks are not so friendly....with customers..Now I myself running a buy n sell store...Getting most from USA as I have few friends in LA, NY and NJ...