Guitar Shops In Bangkok


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Yo dudes..gonna make a trip there soon..from the last time i experienced the guitars or gears were quite pricey compared to Singapore..does anyone know any good guitar shops ? list down the address if possible in bangkok city thanks!~

also looking for blue pickups..paf pros, tonezones thanks!~ more searching for pickups in HOT NEON PINK?...hahaha... anyway why waste time checking out shops which sells at higher prices than singapore?... i rather spend my time buying things that are cheaper, eating good food, going for a good massage, and maybe... check out the chicks in RCA...ooh la la!!! :D
i know there are afew guitar shops NEARBY cowsan(duno the real spelling of it but its pronouced tt way). im not too sure about the exact location.
Gee thanks guys...well bout the hot neon pink thingy..i've gotten a blue mirage 1570 so it sure doesnt fit pink now does it..i like my guitars glam like the 80s..not "drag" kinda glam if your wondering... anyways any other places? sure will check out the china town area they mentioned..sounds interesting