SOLD WTS Martin D-16GT Acoustic Guitar (Made in USA) almost brand new 1.5 months old

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Price SGD1900.

Bought this lovely guitar from City Music just last month. Immaculate condition. 9.9/10. Basically brand new not even 2 months old and you'll get a massive SGD500 discount.

Initially hell bent on getting a Gibson Hummingbird which my brother has. I've always loved the rich midrange the Mahogany guitars give. But curiosity got teh better of us, we brought his Hummingbird down to City Music to compare it against the Martin D-18. Got blown away by the D-18. D-18 had a better bass response, better clarity and better depth compared to the Hummingbird. My brother couldn't believe it...he even changed the Hummingbird's strings to the exact Martin strings the D-18 was having. Again, same findings. At that point, I was totally decided on the D-18. Right before the moment I was to carry that D-18 to the cashier, I heard another customer there auditioning the D-16GT. Instantly got hooked with the 'big' tone. Compared the D-16GT to the more expensive D-18 and thought that hands down this D-16GT has a more resonant tone with more lush, aand has a bigger sustain (yes... BIGGER, not only longer). All 3 of us, actually 4 including the City Music's sales boy unanimously concluded that
D-16GT > D-18 >>> Hummingbird

I have this guitar professionally set up with an upgraded bone saddle. The string height is adjusted to perfection, this guitar just plays like butter. Even my midget fingers found the thin C neck profile super comfortable to play. Definitely the most comfy guitar I've ever had.

Welcome to test this wonderful guitar at my place. Only for serious buyers, no lowballers please. Whatsapp message me at 9-747 09-37 if interested.



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Why would you want to sell it away after spending so much time to have found it

leaving the country, can't bring this along.

Price dropped: SGD1850. Will let go to the first that comes with cash.

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Price dropped: SGD1850. Will let go to the first that comes with cash.
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