SOLD WTS : Alhambra 5P Classical *Solid Cedar Top* Guitar

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Selling a very popular student intermediate solid cedar w rosewood back and side comes with paded gator gig bag.

Condition is 9.5/10 very mint.

Original price 1200 with gig bag worth 50.

Only trade im looking for are fender strats and fender electric guitars.

Letting go at only $550

Visit this link for more information. Senorita Alhambra Solid Cedar top/

Contact me at 92980600

Alhambra Model : 5P Senorita.
The Senorita size = 636mm (nut to saddle is 14mm shorther than the full size 5P), making this model as the best size for adult woman / young adult / teenagers or even to some Asian adult man which feels difficult to handle 650mm size. Solid Cedar top, Laminated P=Palosanto / Indian Rosewood Back and Side, ebony neck insert, ebony fretboard, the rest is the same with 5P spec & new 2012 green rosette, this guitar looks awesome !

Who need the Senorita 636mm size ?
This is a common questions and here is my suggestion.
• Take a ruler and lay your left hand on the ruler, put your left finger ‘ tip on the 1 position of the ruler, stretch your thumb as much as possible making the longest distant your thumb end can reach at the opposite side of ruler, and see the length of your left hand’s max coverage.
• If your reach is at least = or more than 9 inches then you (theoretically) can use any full size (650mm) guitar with no natural physical constraints
• If your reach is at = 8.5 inches then you (still theoretically if you are experience player) can use any full size (650mm) guitars but naturally you are suffering physical constraints. Try to use 640mm instead (with all nut width and neck thickness are same sizes) and feel the difference, because you are at 640mm
• If your reach is at = 8 inches then you shall use the Spain Senorita size at 636 mm or other countries / brands may adopt Senorita as 628 mm measurement. The 628mm or 630mm or 636mm are within your choice range.
• If you are adult but your reach only at 7.5 inches, then you can look for a decent quality of Cadete size or 615mm. We stock up many brands with this Cadete size from Alhambra, Altamira, Martinez, Azahar and occasionally we have Antonio Sanchez.
• For children or very petite women adult who has 7 inches reach, try to use the ¾ size or Junior size measure 580mm. Occasionally I recommended a petite woman under this size for Cadete (one size bigger) after knowing she had accumulated quite advance playing technique.
• Children who has 6 to 6.5 inches reach, try to use the ½ size measure at 544mm (Alhambra define half size as = Requinto at 544mm) and the Martinez define ½ size as the 520mm. Try both of them is the approach.
• Children who has less than 6 inches reach, try to use the ¼ size measure at 480mm and at present time I typed this website, we only have the Martinez ¼ size at 480mm available in the market.

The model 5P Senorita have the same specification like model 5P but with length measurement differences. All model 5 and it's derivatives models are the entry level of Alhambra guitars with ebony insert perpendicular to the neck's ebony fretboard. The letter P is stand-for Palosanto or Rosewood in English. The Model 5 has better Indian Rosewood grains than the lower Model 4, slightly refine scalloped internal bracing top, better grains top and end result : more trebles harmonics frequency or higher head-room for tone coloring. I personally find the Model 5P have longer sustain although not necessarily louder projection than the 4P, it sounds equally as loud as 4P. The bass is slightly deeper with longer sustain.

The 2012 new model 5P Senorita delivery
We just received the latest delivery after 2012 Lunar New Year holiday over, once opened & tuned out of the box, the 5P Senorita immediately offer the Alhambra tones which we expected. I see there is insignificant projection differences of this a little one than the full size 5P.

The 5P Senorita physical traits
Perfect workmanship & world class polish/shiny gloss finish that is my first impression on 5P Senorita with higher solid rosewood bridge quality than the lower models. More careful choice of Rosewood back/side than the 4P as sometime in 4P we found less refine or grainy grains than in this model which I associated model 5P shall get older Rosewood tree. Alhambra crafted carefully the semi-D shape neck on this model. The smooth gloss neck finish will add my comfort feeling that yes it is a decent made guitars, you shall agree with me to treasure good feeling when your left hand hold the neck. The neck thickness is 21mm and nut width = 50.4 mm (although Alhambra’s catalog said 50mm, but we measured it many times none of them have 50mm), the strings spacing = 40.4mm. New 2012 rosette with green/black/yellowish gothic ornaments. The 1 mm slimmer in every aspect of the neck measurement that makes those petite woman with reach less than 8 inches feel more comfortable.

Who is Alhambra ?
Manufacturas Alhambra was founded in 1965 from an original small guitar workshop located in the town. From the very beginning it was always our policy to combine the highest standard of craftsmanship with the latest advancements in technology to produce the finest quality instruments.
We have given special priority to our research department where all ideas and projects are developed. Manned by highly qualified staff, it has enabled us to produce the top models for our range which today is considered second to none. Finally, with the coordination of our production director and our specialized craftsman, The results of these investigations are applied to our basic guitars.
Although modern technology is an important part of our production technique, all our instruments are built in the traditional spanish way
The reward for our endeavors is the acknowledgement that Alhambra guitars enjoy worldwide reputation of outstanding guitars quality

Luthier Guitar is Alhambra distributor in Singapore
Our goals is to present every single Alhambra guitars in fresh condition when you purchase it from our guitar shops. We pay premium express air forwarder (direct flight to Sgp), store it at correct temperature & humidity while settling down with the local climate perfectly well, it will be good with you after purchase. When buying a correct Spain Classic guitars, price is not the only consideration, you shall equally curious to know if the guitar you are about to purchase are in 'fresh & at peak condition' at your hand. Selectively we restring the guitars stock when we see deems necessity and may perform local set-up to ensure easy playability when neccessary. Alhambra use D'Addario classic nylon strings as the standard, at certain music types you can experience different tonal characteristic by altering the strings with different materials, such as carbon fiber clear strings, titanium, carbon composite, etc ... which are available in different brands in our both outlets like Sevilla, Savarez, Hannabach brands.

It is the most affordable Alhambra with ebony neck insert, ebony fretboard quality
If money not very much an issue, it is worth to top up some money more than the 4P Senorita in exchange to the ebony insert, higher Rosewood grains and more balance tones as you expect deeper resonance, clarity, wider harmonics in trebles, mid & bass.

There is a feeling of sound cut-off that 'breaking the glass' of the 4P tonal limit, if you are demanding music expression, it is worth to top off more $ to get this 5P Senorita than with 4P Senorita

Also looking for Taylor 414ce for around price range 1.4-1.6k range. Do contact me if you're selling, thanks!!.
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