guitar apparegios


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okay this might be a really basic question to all you pro guitarists.

what are apparegios?? (dont know wether i spelt that right) and what are they used for?? and whats the pattern like??

thanks for your answers!!! :D
haha... I am a noob... but I think I can ans that qsn...

They are a repetitive set of finger pattern where u play over and over again...

For example u play PMIA on G chord then change to C chord... u still continue with the finger patter of PMIA... and u can add variation to make it have the ups and down...

Pls correct me if I am wrong...

they're impressive stuff that is played using chords that flies from one end of the fretboard to another :lol:
PinkSpId3r said:
btw..are all appregios form up by 1357 of a scale?

Actually there's also the 9 , 11 , 13.

the 9th is the 2nd note , 11th is the 4th note while the 13th is the 6th note of the scale.

If you were to put the 1,3,5,7,9,11,13 notes together , you'll get every note in the scale. :D
Put simply, an arpeggio is when you play the notes of chord seperately - not all together - hence the name 'broken chord'.

It can be 'impressive stuff that is played using chords that flies from one end of the fretboard to another' or it can simply be you holding down an Em chord in open position and plucking each note from lowest to highest in turn.

Arpeggios are as important (IMO) to learn as scales - up and down the entire neck, but of course, like scales, just playing them up and down fast is only interesting for a short time. Mix them up and do your own thing with the shapes.

Arps are also very very useful in helping you know the chord tones in which to end your phrases when improvising.