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hi all ..
im a beginner and i jus bought a GRG270 at swee lee few days ago at $419 .
Do you guys think that it is a good guitar?
hav i got a good deal ?
ty guys
the GRG270 is from the 'G' (Gio) series of Ibanez entry-level offerings. they are decent models but do not expect anything fantastic, especially from the ILT1 vibrato. this is an incarnation of the TRS model which have been wisely phased out by Ibanez due to its notorious reputation for not keeping in tune.

that amount of $$$ could've been spent on the SA160/ 120 models which IMO are better playing & better sounding guitars. however, if you are content with your GRG, then you are the winner...

i only admire 2 G-series models: GAX70/ GSZ120 (recommended, new for 2005)


LOL sub.. everything that people have.. and if you mentioned em here.. its like prestige man LOL you've come a long way my friend.. lol
i just have to say something after trying out stuff- thanks to SOFT who didn't ban me for saying too much 8)
LoL no one would ban ya man! You're an asset! Aiding the music community for free, hehe. Thanks anyways.