Good Unplugged/acoustic songs


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anyone has any good unplugged/acoustic songs to recommend? Preferably under 4 minutes and has something to do with romance.

my band may be doing an unplugged whole day live jam for the school's national day celebration carnival (we were forced to unplug), so i really need some good songs to play.

thanks bros out there who respond!

P.S. band is 2 guitars (possible to bring in a 3rd), 1 bass, 1 drum
give peace a chance - John lennon and yoko ono . but u might need to improvise and maybe use a tom tom and tambourine
actually many songs that r played plugged can be played unplugged and sound nice.

romance ar....."i remember you" in acoustic, have the solo played differently?
big thanks guys...

although i won't be using all those songs as they got to have approval by the band first...
Lol I was going to post my reply til I read it over and realised my song did not fit your criteria. Under 4 minutes and something to do with romance. Damn, my song can't fit your bill, mate.

If you want a longer guitar classic though, look for me. I got a "live" version of The Eagles' Hotel California. There's a 1 min 22 second pre-intro. Yes, you didn't hear wrong. Pre-intro. You guys know how the song kicks off right? Somehow these guys are too creative, but they do a really good job of it without making it sound overly boring. 7 mins plus for the whole song, but its one of the best unplugged versions of any song done.
goin where the wind blows-mr big
to be with you-mr big
more than words-extreme
paitence-guns and roses
angel-robbie williams

some of these songs aren't really romance related, but they are good songs...
Rhcp - under the bridge
nirvana - all apologies
nine inch nails - hurt
foo fighters - learn to fly
stone temple pilots - plush or creep

not so sure if they're romance related, but they're good unplugged songs.
spikes said:
patience-guns and roses

patience is already on the setlist..forgot to list down our confirmed songs..

they are:
(subjected to change)

Patience by GnR
Forever by KISS
Dust in the Wind by Kansas
I Live My Life For You by Firehouse
Who Do You Love by the Moffatts
Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
Wonderwall - Oasis
All About You - McFly
Broken - Seether feat. Amy Lee
Everything Burns - Ben Moody feat. Anastacia

Mainstream stuff :lol:
Broken has been overplayed recently though, at least IMO.
If you're willing to try out more exotic stuff, try the acoustic version of Rose of Pain by X-Japan, it's a great song
How about some dashboard. They added bass and drums to his acoustic-only songs in mtv unplugged. Ironic.
well, the drums by default are an acoustic instrument. in KISS MTV unplugged Gene Simmons used an acoustic bass.