Good Pedal recommendations for beginner


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Hey all, i just started playing and currently have a ehx bass big muff, hartke bass attack, a digitech compressor and a behringer ultra octaver. Can you guys give me some other recommendations of good pedals under 200 bucks?
There aren't any must haves. If anything you can get a far better compressor and octaver. We don't even know what you might be interested in, either in genre, or certain bassists?
i just got a better octaver, an ehx pog. I'm interested in mainly brit rock like led zep, muse, oasis etc and big fan of chris wolstenholme.
Well there's a ton of resources on Chris' rigs, but you might wanna start with an envelope filter / autowah / synth bass. A cheap and good one is the Ibanez SB-7 (~ $60 used).
Just started, not even sure what you're looking for, already got a pog. Wish I had that kind of money lying around ;)

There are no 'must have' effects. A good proportion of the world's bassists run straight into amp. Some schools of thought believe that effects don't even belong anywhere near a bassist's rig. Before you dive into bass effects, be aware of this.

For very generic setups, add a Boss ODB-3 and LMB-3, should last you a while till you get a better idea on what you'd like to aim for.

+1 to tuner.
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You may not want to add more pedals at this stage. Play your current rig and get to know each individual effects well before adding another into the chain. Main question is, do you like your current sound/tone? Adding another pedal when you're not sure what you want may make your sound worse or further from what you're looking for. Personally I play direct into the amp without any effects. Setup time is close to 20sec....packing up is much easier as well.
A D.I. box, one that comes with a built in preamp would be useful.

Regardless of experience, a DI box is useful - you may have to DI straight into the board at some venues, so having some control over your EQ via a built in preamp is hella useful.