Getting of an acoustic guitar


New member
Hello everyone,
I am new to here so please do guide me along.
I am looking for a guitar but it is really making me frustrated due to the reviews I have searched online.
Does anyone have or played before a Fender Sonoran SCE acoustic-electric guitar?
I would like to get that guitar but through all the online reviews, it seems that its not that good. I do not have the time to go to a guitar shop, most preferably swee lee to try out the guitar, due to the lack of time.
Please tell me how is the guitar like and is it worth it, thank you very much.
I think that you are going tom have to go and try it yourself. Reviews are opinions, and your style of play may be different from those people who did the reviews.

Look at what you want to spend and what you want for the money, check out the guitar shops for guitars at that price and try them. This way you are less likely to be frustrated even more when you buy a guitar based on reviews, butb then sell it later because you don't like it. Hope this helps.

Cheers, Mark.
Perhaps you should check out City Music, they have a Year End Sale now :) The Custom Acoustic in-house brand is pretty affordable!