getting a squier


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hey..i'm thinking of getting a squier bullet special this comin june..anyone has the same peice? was looking for the tomdelonge strat but found out that its discontinued model so i guess this is the next best look-alike..any
flexible humbucker u guys can reccomend in the bridge for the different types of playing?
that's an OK guitar, honestly. nothing fantastic but very playable. if you are after other single humbucking guitars, BC Rich offer a few models. otherwise get any guitars with a bridge humbucker in the configuration & play the bridge unit only...

you'd do well to get a hot humbucker in there, Duncan's Custom/ Distortion & Dimarzio's Tone Zone/ Super Distortion are among others to choose from. it's a rather light guitar, it needs bottm end boost.

on another note, if you insist on the Squier brand name, the Standard Fat Strat is highly recommended.
see if guitar wrkshop still has the squier standard fat strat las time i went they had 1 2nd good condition for like 200 something
SD pickups can be bought at music plaza in ps... its the yamaha guitar shop. just went there today, looks like the range of SD pickups are v limited. heh.
Subversion! Can you give me a review of the Custom5? I've been contemplating to get it, however, heard its got too much highs and bass and too little mids.
Thanks, though i'm still very much undecided. I love the warm PAF-ish tone, with buttery cleans and warm distortion (not the metal/prog rock kind). I'm more of a blues/jazz person. Will the Custom5 suit my styles? I can't friggin try this pickup on any guitar coz its so rare in Singapore. Planning to get a 59' Neck and Custom5 Bridge for my PRS. both 4-conducting. Btw Sub, did you try the Custom5's split tones? I heard its got a very convincing Stratty tone.
the Custom5 isn't about appealing to high gain players exclusively. it very much fills the gap between the Custom (deep, PAF-type tone) & the Custom Custom (midrange rich, not as overpowering as the JB though). the C5 is about having a trimmed low end with more lower midrange, plus a less brash treble.

i did not have the C5 split-wired in my SG, i dislike the single coil emulation of an average humbucker but i love my McCarty split tone. i've heard someone's C5 split tone online & find it 'stratty' like you mentioned, but lack the fat, open single coil tone which makes a true single coil stand out.