George Michael to wed partner Kenny Goss


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George Michael to wed partner Kenny Goss

??? what is this world getting on to ?
why he can't afford a woman ?
redname said:
its such old news tht george michael is gay

He's Bi, actually. If I remember correctly he dated a British Model or something before he was with this guy, and the guy that came before him.

As for you jokers hantamming each other up there, chill the fuck out. Jesus. :roll:
musicians are people, and some people are gay. so it follows that some musicians will be gay. just because their music happens to be popular does not mean that a) they should not be gay, b) they should not be allowed to express their love for someone else, and c) that they have some special ethical responsibility that straight musicians don't have, to keeping their relationships hidden from the public eye.

music is one thing, but don't forget that these are people too.

if you think your kids shouldn't marry people of the same sex, just tell them, or if you're paranoid, cut out the newspaper articles about it. but it falls to the parent, not to the musician, to take responsibility for it.
well what's wrong with gays anyway? as long as they carry out their carnal activities away from our sights they should be free to do whatever they want, afterall, they're humans too just like you and me.
being in love is a special thing. being loved and loving someone. yes, though the conventional male-female relationship is commonly regard as lawful but we have progress to a point where the same sex affinity is regarded as legal bonding too.

think about it, isn't musician always in the forefront of fashion? Outspoken? Dare to be different?

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Did you leave it in the rain
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