Gary Hoey clinic...


for those of you who attended this clinic, please post some comments here.

Hoey is a humble player, he doesn't have too much flash to put forth his ideas & capacity, BUT we can tell he's a darn hardworking musician... 8)

we also note his total conviction to the Fender brand name, relying instead on off-the-shelf products rather than lugging his own gear. that's respectable but we note that the hiccups we hear from him were pretty much him not being too accustomed to the guitars he play... it happens to me to...
The clinic venue and setting was real comfortable for one thing. I kinda feel Hoey's music is more the upbeat sort, unlike at the Andy Timmons clinic where one could really feel songs like Cry For You, but still good music nevertheless. His exercises are quite useful too.

But what really stunned me was the Fender Cyber Twin, never actually heard one in full action before. Really amazing amp.
yup, the Cyber Twin did a wonderful job during Greg Koch's clinic too... Greg also demoed the smaller sibling- Cyber Deluxe...
i know this is old, but I have a cyber deluxe (discontinued) and I must say it's one hell of a pandora's box