fretless guitar???


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is there any fretless guitar? i know only got bass, but i saw the G3 video live in denver steve vai was using a triple neck guitar and the bottom neck was fretless
For bass, it gives you more tonal range. It's hard to play if you're not use to it because at slight shift like of half a cm can really change the whole sound. So you have to be accurate in playing. Not just anyhow hantam.
Vigner guitars have this guitar called the Surfretter or something. Its fretless... with a STEEL fretboard. Bumblefoot uses it. Very nice and VERY expensive.
fretless guitars exist, and aplenty i believe. a random search on google should get u a decent list of musicians who wield their fretless guitars with much authority. the music playable with a fretless is unusual, imho. u cant shred on it, u can strum that well (i think) on it also. its best used with a sustainer, then u can really make some neat sounds :D
You're mistaken man. You RG is just devoid of the usual inlays. Fretless means, totally no fretwires. You're just playing on a blank fingerboard.