Forming new ORIGINALS band with hybrid genre influences


New member
Hi peeps! I'm forming a new ORIGINALS band making and mixing different styles or genre of music into one. We may come out with a new genre of music, we won't know but first, these are the genres that we will be exploring into:

1) alternative rock
2) indie rock
3) emo/post hardcore
4) Jrock/pop

- So if you are interested in either of these genres, or are against any of these genres pls, do give it a try.
- Gender and looks doesn't matter, we are not gonna put on make up like typical visual kei members too.
- Newbies or amateurs are welcomed too. Just so long as you are humble, caring, passionate and ready for fun.
- Members I'm looking for are: DRUMMER, BASSIST, GUITARIST and VOCALIST(vocalist who can sing Japanese will be most welcomed BUT it's NOT COMPULSORY).
- Do contact me at 92983704 if you are interested so that I can update the page whenever I need.
- Will definitely aim for gigs and stuffs like that once we've recorded solid compositions.