Looking for Drummer/ Keyboardist ( Synth ) for Indie band


New member
Hello, Music friends. We are an indie band doing mostly originals and currently have a vocal, two guitarists and bassist. We are looking for drummer and keyboardist who have the same goals for band and to join us. We plan to post an Ep next year ( March ), upload songs to music platforms, and arrange to perform when the Covid situation is getting better.

Our music style is around Dream pop / Indie popÂ… of course we donÂ’t mind adding other different styles to the songs and experience something new. Our band's vibe is mostly biased towards: psychedelic, lazy, cathartic, experimental...(example below )

So far we are mainly playing Chinese songs but English songs also can be added!

Time: We will jam once a week, except for jam, we will arrange to meet up sometimes and discuss the arrangement together.


-Hope you would like the music styles of these band.

1. Beach house
2. Summer Salt
3. Men I Trust
4. Cigarettes After Sex
5. Peach Pit
6. Hello Nico
7. Deca Joins

Althought they have different styles, we hope that band members will like this kind of vibe and have some ideas for song ​​arrangement.

-Hope you have some performance experience.
-Keyboardist know synthesizer and arrangement.

If you are interested in collaboratining with us, you are welcome to contact us, if you don't mind, share with us some of your works or demos.Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon :)

Whatsaap: 96137002