Bassist interested in post-hardcore/emo/post-metal/blackgaze


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I'm a bassist in my early/mid 20s. Been playing for a couple years. I'm looking for other musicians (any age/gender/proficiency) who would be interested in exploring one (or more) of the following genres: post-hardcore, emo, post-metal, blackgaze. I'd like to primarily focus on writing originals although some covers are fine too.

For reference, some bands I really like are:
Obscure Sphinx, Alcest, Amesouers, We Lost the Sea, Isis, and the Angelic Process (on the metal/blackgaze side)
Unwound, the Hotelier, latter-era Brand New, the Republic of Wolves, Thursday, the World is a Beautiful Place (on the emo/post-hardcore side)

Even if you're not into these genres but you're just looking for a bassist in general, or even if you ARE a bassist yourself and just want to talk about music with someone, feel free to hit me up. You can DM me or whatsapp/telegram me at 97881371. Cheers
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We are Best Laid Plans, a band of three 30-something expats located in Central. Influences are 2000s era pop punk, emo-punk, and melodic hardcore bands such as Get Up Kids, Saves the Day, Thursday, Alkaline Trio, Green Day, etc.

We write and record all our own songs, practicing once a week. Looking for a bassist to jam with, record new material, and rehearse, Bonus point if you can sing backing (or lead) vocals. Intent is to record live sessions and start limited gigs once SG opens back up.

Check out our SoundCloud:

Hit me up on WhatApp at 8922 3415 or reply on thread if you're interested.