For those who are taking their o lvls this year


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BOHOOOO.. one more month.. ONLY ONE MORE MONTH.. come on.. mug hard mug hard! Dont be like me, fail one subject and i have to retake o lvls again this year. Lookin at my o lvls cert jus push me harder.. I only have one more month to mug for my maths.. ONE BLOODY MONTH.. i hope i can pass, dont wanna let my mummy down.

SO people! Let's encourage each other. I shall stop playing command and conquer and stop touchin my guitar for this month. Preserve! PREESEVRRE!

Dont be upset if u have done badly for prelims, prelims is jus a big boohoo to scare you, put in all your effort and you wont regret.

ALL THE BEST!! :wink:
Taking my O levels too. My world is coming crashing down, but yeah, don't give up. Even under such adverse circumstances, I'm sure the lot of us will live through it.

so true, i got 45 for mi l1r5 for prelims, ended up with a 22, prelims are ultra cow dung, sumore u'all dis year luckier, no first 3 months, anw all the best
I hope ppl will come to this thread and give encouragement to the lot of us. We'll probably then have the motivation to mug even harder and do SOFT proud! :D
I haven't practiced properly since 2 months ago. The most i do is pick up, strum power chord, put back in case. pathetic.
sofyan said:
im taking it too. and hey i havent touch my guitar today!!OMGOMGOGM

Ya know, a month or so before the Os my dad took away my guitars, amp, pedals, anything related. I got so desperate i actually went to sweelee and bought myself an Epiphone Mini-V which i didn't manage to keep a secret for long. :lol:

I swear after the Os were over i had problems playing a standard 25.5" scale neck.
study study study... my guitar string broke last week, and its probably a good thing too.. :(
Good Luck to everyone who are gonna take their O levels! study smart n study hard... after o levels can play hard too! wohooo! :lol:
all study hard ah !!

lucky when i was taking my O's .. i havent play guitar yet. .

haha.. that time ah .. was just a huge metal fan .

any way STUDY HARD !!! moo .. 22 nov ?? 23nov lar .. my bday leh .ha

ho say .. after u all the O's .. we shall have 1 big huge jam !

meanwhile .. study hard ! do well !! get good results and shove them at ur teachers' face
Think of it this way.

Study real hard, pass your Os, and you'll be shredding across the pletora of genres. Flunk, and you'll only have the mood for slow Delta blues.

Study hard for yourselves. Not to show anybody. This is what being a Softie is about isn't it? To be your own man (or woman). Not becos you are told to be good, but becos you ARE good! As in guitar, so in life.
DONT YOU GUYS DARE TO FAIL I TELL YOU! hmm.. ok this is meant to be my encouragement. SO yeah... alll the bessst. mug till our asses fly.. I SHALL NOT PLAY COMMAND AND CONQUER TODAY!

Hmm.. tips on muggin:

for humanlities just keep writing notes and memorise them. And understand! Especially for geography, picture the steps. As for history, try to make a time-line and memorise the events and consquences. For the bloody social studies, in your notes, write down the events, what led to them, consquences and conclusion. After all the memorising crap, give yourself questions, then answer them by writing down a full length essay, try not to refer to your textbook. After that check your answers again.

For social studies and histroy's source base questions, apply what you have learn from the text, and just infer, write down whatever you think of. Even the small details. Just go with your gut feelings. Try to write as much as possible. that's why they give you so much paper right.

For english, essay. Have a list of vocabubary to learn. Like a list of emotions. Like instead of using, busy busy, use hectic. Cambridge like profound words la. But be sure you use them right. Just a list of 30odd words will do. Remember not to repeat them too many time.

Hmm.. as for science i only took chem and bio. For bio.. jus MEMORISE i'm sure you can pass. As for chem, it's much more tricky.. it's kinda like maths, memorise the fomula, periodic table! Acids and bases, Metal! And apply them.

Finally maths, my worst worst subject. For paper 2 right, we always end up having not enough time. So jus rush thru and read the ques, do the ques you have confident first. Just skip if you dont know, dont waste time. Then after that go thru again.

OK done i have done this once, this is my second try. I'm not goanna miss it. All because of my bloody maths, i have to waste one year on working part time and looking at nasty customer faces. Trust me it's worth puttin in all your efforts. :) tata.
O level is chicken feet. You will either do very very well, or you'll do very very bad. I'm kinda in the former category. And those of you who are in the through train programme. :smt098

Anyone taking As this year? I'm doing As and i'm still playing the guitar almost everyday at least 1hour each time.. its possible to juggle your studies and the guitar, at least for me.
aiya just study lah.. im also taking my os this year. just study hard and then as you are doing the paper, ull feel so damn good when u can answer al the qns..