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Hi guys, i have a Fender Twin Reverb and i'm using it for a gig, the problem is that, the higher i increase the volume, the more the clean tone gets distorted. I'm mic-ed up and everything but is there a way for me to keep my volume but minus the increase in dirt? I have my seperate pedals itself to provide the dirt.

I don't think telling what i'm running through would make a diff right?
I think It's normal , its a breakup . I know its not a twin but my super reverb break up around 4.5-5 ( Volume knob ).
Yeah its normal unless it starts to get distorted at really low volumes. If you have a guitar with hot pickups or something in your effects chain that is boosting or making the signal hotter it will cause the amp to break up at a lower volume setting. Shouldn't be a big problem if you're mic-ed up tho.
I doubt there's anything thats boosting my signal.

Very simple setup,

PRS SE Custom 24 25th Anni ---> Behringer TU300 ---> Vox V847a Wah ---> VS Jekyll and Hyde ---> Dan.E OD ---> Pedaltank Time Capsule.

It wouldn't be a good thing if i would lower the volume as there are 2 amps at the room behind which is mic-ed, when i lower the main volume from the Twin Reverb, the Carvin Legacy which is the other amp my friends using overpowers my sound even though we have individual mic's, cause now my volumes at about... 6-7 whereas i need it to be about 3-4 for a sparkly clean sound which i like but its just too darn soft :/
You can use single coils, change tubes or tweak the eq to make it more clean but I would suggest asking you friend to turn his amp down abit so that you can get to a point where it doesn't break up cos once you start using the wah or dirt it'll make the amp distprt. Obviously you can't get it to be as low as 3-4 but you have to come to a compromise.
On a separate topic, is your prs good? I wanted to get the 25th aniversary prs. Where and how much you bought it for may i ask? Thank you
Well, i've tried out tens of guitars, if you're looking at individual specs. The trem is one of the BEST i've ever played. It's really nice compared to my friends American Deluxe Strat, he also believes it to be nicer. The only thing missing is locking tuners and pickups which can be split, but i'm now saving for the real USA PRS Pickups, I guess you could say i'm a purist haha. In terms of feel and everything, well.. i've played countless number of guitars ranging from Epiphone, Fenders, Jacksons, Godin, Ibanez, Swing and whatnot. Still love it to bits

Sound wise, it's really really THICK and FAT which i really like, the guitar responds really well to well... any pedals and amps, even with my cheap Laney LG20 it sounds good, and with the Fender Twin Reverb... I was blown away, I bought mine in US so if you calculate it properly, it's about.. 800SGD? and 100SGD shipping so total 900 SGD.

But with PRS, you'll never be disappointed lah to put it this way, even in their SE line
How's your stage setup like? I don't really see why you need to be so loud since the amps are mic'd up. If your friend was too loud it'll surely piss the sound guy off, and if you can't hear yourself ask to be louder on your foldback or monitor. In my experience with tube amps, when the amp is just starting to breakup, its too loud for most situations already.

Well, for me i have my guitar through my pedalboard and i run it straight to the amp in a diff room. The amps are mic-ed up and connected to the PA system which is then hooked up to our MyMix system. From the MyMix system we have our own in-ear monitors on stage, the problem now is that because his amp is relatively louder than mine cause i need a clean sound, his amp's 'noise' will go through mine and even though in my in-ear monitor i can lower his volume, the PA would have a headache... technically me too, cause even if i totally off the signal from his guitar into my in-ear monitor... I can still hear him loud and clear haha.

I'll probably discuss with him about lowering the volumes of the amps, but is there no other way to retain the cleanliness lack of a better word of the amp at high volumes?
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Yeah i did my research and i found no bad review on their se line. PRS really does care about quality even in their 'lower end' lines unlike other big brands ^^
One last thing, which site you bought it from? I might be buying it online too, espicially since now our currency is appreciating.
MF, cause they had a sale and they were giving a free pack with a dozen picks, a pack of strings, a strap and basic guitar care :)
I have a friend in US, so I used his contact info and my address for the international shipping company was in Sarasota, Florida. So it's all good for me lah ahhaha
Well that means your friend is obviously playing way louder than he needs to. The only thing you need to do is tell him nicely to lower his volume. A Fender Twin is a seriously loud amp, I'm actually surprised it has that little headroom for 85w.
What's the model of the Fender twin that you are using? It should be clean, clean, clean all the way up to 7 or 8 at least.

How old is the amp? Did you buy the amp new or second hand? If there is noise at high volumes and it is an older amp it could be anything from old tubes to the speakers being damaged to loose/corroded parts in the amp.

If you can get back to me I might be able to walk you through some checks.