familarising wif guitar


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hey all when i was prastising my guitar during my breaks i realised that i arent very familar wif all the frets and the notes like E, A , G blah blah...any way u guys gt any method to familarising my self wif my guitar? I cant even play a simple song....
im also tryin to nail all the notes on the fretboard im done with the fat e other than that i have to do a quick count using the tunings. i guess the only way is memorising?
There is a simpler way to memorise this at the start.

Let's go one by one. Say for Major. If im not wrong its W W S W W W S.
This means it is Whole tone, Whole tone, Semi-tone, Whole tone, Whole tone, Whole tone, Semi-tone.

There are 7 "main" notes in music. A B C D E F G.

B to C is semi tone. E to F is semi tone as well.

Semi tone means there ain't any sharps or flats.

So for example, 1st fret of the 6th string which is the low E, is F. Cause E to F no sharps or flats.

So it will be...

1st - F
2nd - F#(Gb)
3rd - G
4th - G#(Ab)
5th - A

So on so forth. Can get it? Sorry i'm not so strong in my theory but its a way i use to try to figure where the notes are. After you get this "basic idea" right, with constant practising, yeah i guess you will remember it sooner or later.
well, i dont remember trying to learn, but i know most of the frets... i have this 'technique' 12 frets above is another octave, 5 frets below one string is the same note, except for the 4th string... but somehow, 3rd fret and below, i know it all... its not much though, hope it helps... well, i've seen my brother tape papers of notes on the fretboard...
These are the notes when the strings are played open (from 6th to 1st string) - E A D G B E

there is an easy way to remember them

E (F,G) A (B,C) D (E,F) G (A) B (C, D) E

notice tt in between each string are 2 steps....but not 2 steps in terms of pitch la...err...i not sure how to explain XD...but ttz my way of remembering it....

as for each note along the fretboard...lets take the 6sth string for an example...


after the 12th fret the entire ting repeats itself

each number represtent the fret and the note..
notice that as u move one fret, the string is half a step higher...
but between E and F or B and C...there are no sharps...

just rmb one fret iz half step higher (e.g A ---> A#)
with the exception of E to F and B to C

if u wana familiarise yourself wif the postition of the frets...err..lyk if u wana play fast....u can try playin scales or playin chords...wif ur eyes closed until ur very familiar...no kidding...ttz wad i do with most songs i practice...

hehs...hope my post helps...

hahax...bleh..willy rmb my 10 dollars hahax XD
There is no such note as a E# and a B# note.

E# is equal to F while B# is equal to C

So basically after you play a E note , the next note on the next fret is F. Same thing applies for the B note....next note on the next fret is C.

I hope that helps though.... :roll:
Another point to note is that the first and sixth string are both tuned to E so remembering the notes on one string is equal to remembering the notes on both strings.

Playing scales is also a good way, say out the note as u play, this may sound stupid but it helps in remembering and recognising the notes.
Ah yes, i forgot about octaves.

For example, low E. 5th fret = A.

D string's 7th fret will be A. Its called octave.

Its a pattern. So, 3rd fret of Low E = G.
and 5th fret of D string = G as well.
thanks for al lthe helpful advice guys but the prob is i juz started....i havent even touched chords yet -.-"
i'm willing to teach for a cheap price and good material! :D

or issit u got ur neighbour to teach? i think getting taught is much faster and useful than self learn, u know the right techniques and when ur wrong, ur teacher can correct u 8)
i got my neighbour to teach me....but now i m having o lvls tis year so my parents dun allow serious guitar learning....so i plan to find a teacher after my o lvls haha thanks for ur offer :D
tat's cool! i will be waiting haha
i got another qn...how to postion ur fingers for chords?
example 577655....i duno how to postion.....
place your index on the 5th fret and fret the whole thing while your middle and your ring finger fret the 6th and 7th fret. your index need to bend like a C shape inorder to press the fret..
bar the 5th fret and place ur 3rd and 4th finger (not middle and 4th finger, 4th finger and pinkie) on the 7 frets, with the 3rd finger closer to u, and then ur middle finger, 2nd finger, on the 6 fret. it's an Amajor chord btw, a barred form...