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hi, im a keyboardist/pianist, played for 30+ years. played in clubs/pubs/events, etc

in short, I'm looking for almost anything. Either to play professionally or causally in any hobby bands. My repertoire is wide, chinese/canto/mando pop, english pop , top 40s, progressive, concept, rock, MUSE, Linkin park, pink floyd, dreamtheater, king crimson, basically anything except hardcore Jazz. I once causally jammed with jordan rudess at pbe.

the catch is, i'm in my 40s'. i look like mid 30s. still. Im easy going, hoping to find members who are easy going as well. I can and will be committed, but the chemistry has to match. just audition me, for any reason can't fit, just kick me out, i'm super chill.
don't reply to this thread. just whatsapp me at 92766737 will do.

Andrew here. im also the founder of PBE, since 2003. but don't worry, i have time. probbably late life crisis, trying to revamp my life.
realised you guys might need some of my videos
here's a random one
scroll to 5:30 where i jammed with jordan rudess, that's me...

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