Intermediate- Keyboardist Looking for Band


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Hi there, I'm an intermediate-skilful keyboardist looking to join a full electric band! :)

I play multi genres eg. Pop, rock, funk, blues, jazz, top-40s or any radio-friendly or pub-friendly songs. Able to jam on weekends.

I'm quite passionate and serious about my music, very committed and diligent. Looking forward to work with people that share the same spirit with me. Preferably not a band (or beginner-band) which is just newly formed, more to a band which is already stable and steady. I am confident that I can pick up with the songs in your setlist in short period of time.

Here's one of my playing samples.
Pls drop me a pm if I'm the one you are looking for.
Thank you so much! :)
Hey man, me and my mates are currently working on a project and we are looking for a sessionist who can play the piano for us. We are going for a more pop-ballad feel on this song. Feel free to leave me a msg @ 98139262 if you are willing to help us in this project :)
Hi bro...can u at least put ur contact if you really serious !!!!

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Ooops sori just saw ur contact...