Experienced Guitar Teacher Available (With Video)


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I've been playing the electric guitar for the last 8 years, specializing mainly in Blues, Gospel and 80s Rock.

Teaching electric guitar from beginner to intermediate level.

The video below is just a short clip on improvisation with very simple licks. It shows how easy it can be learnt and applied. This is one of the few things you will learn during lessons.


(Forgive me for the lack in audio quality & the unedited ending)

I'm currently residing in Yishun.
Lessons can either be situated at my place or yours, its all up to you.
The pace of the lessons would all depend on how fast you can learn. I highly recommend to keep lessons between 1 hour min. and 2 hours max.

Lessons are specially catered to the individual. I do stress that there is no fixed lesson plan. It's all based on how fast you progress and what you already know.

Some Examples of things you will learn:

-Ear Training
and much more.

Contact me at 97893922 for more information.