EvilGtr's 3rd Video: Satriani's Summer Song


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Hi guys hehe i was away for quite a while from this forum.... here's my 3rd video here... this time i decided to compress the video file because I had a lot of difficulties with the 20 mb one.... now this one is merely 4mb keke.... but the sound quality is greatly reduced..... leave your comments again thanks! (PS same thing; watch at 33% size or smaller for a clearer and sharper image)



PS here is the link for the 37mb version it has much better sound and clarity

hey man !! great playing as usual !! haha

wat happened to cliffs of dover ?haha

again .. GREAT STUFF !
well done!

maybe the intro sounded a bit stale for me, i guess its the audio quality..

ur getting better and better these days, except the whole summer cover was a bit too mechanical..(i also dunno what im saying)

how about our gilberto concerto?? haha

ok refer above for the big file link for those of u kind enuff to spend the time downloading :wink:
Hey man,
Finally listened/looked at your Summer Song... :) Nice to see it being covered... its a nice happy song!

Lets see... If there's only 1 thing I must critique, that would be your vibrato/bending. There's plenty of fast bends in this song and a lot of them fall flat... then there's the vibrato... it isn't expressive enough, very shaky sounding. Sound more like shivering than vibrato.

Hmmm... well, I guess feel would be a concern for this song... I don't feel the vibe from you man... ;) Perhaps a lack of familiarity?

Another thing... your guitar is very noisy at the beginning... something wrong with the grounding or too much gain?
yea somehow when i play this particular patch thru the pc a lot of noise comes out i dunno why.... sigh.... yea hehe i'm still not too familiar with the song yet.... and guess i got a lot more to work on. Thanks for listening hehe