Everything Slipknot.

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I did a search and there wasn't a thread that's dedicated to everything Slipknot. And thus, following in the footsteps of the X-Japan Official thread, here is the Everything Slipknot thread.

Let's talk about our favourite members, and why we idolise them, past members, feuds and Slipknot as a whole.
Should anyone have anything against the band, lets hear it too, basically, it's everything regarding Slipknot.

Personally, Mick Thomson is the one I look up too. Although many agree that Joey is the most talented individual in Slipknot.
I also feel that Corey is the best frontman around.
My favourite album is the self-titled one, although Iowa and Subliminal Verses are exceedingly impressive too.
I have heard so much about their first album, Mate-Feed-Kill-Repeat, although I have never actually listened to any of the tracks in it.

Oh yes, there's another thing, I adhor the side-projects. I purchased the Stone Sour album when it was released, and I hated it.
But even I have to agree that Murderdolls is rather good, albeit unwillingly. I don't know, I'd just rather they concentrate on Slipknot and churn out more quality albums.

And guys, did you know that certain of their songs in Subliminal Verses contain hidden messages that are revealed when played backwards? I read about this a long time ago.
Corny, yes, agreed, but nonetheless engaging. And of course, there's also the hidden track in the self-titled album.


Slipknot is one of my favourite bands, and they shall always have a place in my heart.
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