Epiphone buzzing


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Hmm, recently got a Epiphone Les Paul Classic.
I did not adjust anything since I thought its new and wouldnt have much problems.
I realised that the last 3 strings buzzes a lot. I know that there was previously a thread regarding buzzing. I just dont seem to understand -_-.
Well, I'm new so please accept my noobie questions. My amp doesnt seem to produce the buzzing sound of my strings. However, the buzzes are so loud i can heard it right from the necks.
Normal buzzing problems from strings can be heard over the amp ?
Hmm, you guys think its possible to head back to Swee Lee for help ? Since I just bought it not long ago at Sims Drive's sale.
Buzzing is normally caused by the strings being too low against the neck (this is called the "action"). When the action is too low, when the strings vibrate, they touch the frets which you hear as a buzz. The pickups don't hear this since all they care about is metal moving within their magnetic field - they don't care about the audible sound of the string hitting the fretboard.

All you need is a "setup" - you can take it back to Swee Lee to have it done. Dunno how much it costs though - or you can try a setup from one of the many Techs at Penisular.
Oh ... You mean pickups normally don't 'take in' buzzing sound? It means that no matter how bad my strings are buzzing, the sound produced by the amp will never be heard buzzing ? I mean I just bought it from Swee Lee and now they're going to charge me -_- . Thats sad ...
Don't send for setup yet. Check for raised frets or frets that are lifting under a good light source. These are issues that will not be solved by a simple setup. As for setup, can ask around this forum who to send guitar for setup. I normally send to Malcolm, but its quite expensive but his the one I really trust and is honest about frets problems.
Oh no, just cannot believe that I'm that unlucky.

NEW guitar

SERIOUS problem .

Could it be the strings? Strings cause the buzzing because they're too old?
I was wondering, if tones from amplifiers will never produces buzz, then why people bother to fix the buzz? Just because its annoying?
Am I striking too hard?
nope not the strings, buzzing is not a serious problem la- you can leave it as it is if you want but some prefer to get their guitars set up properly cos they find the buzzing annoying
striking with less strength will reduce the buzzing though
So, buzzing would neither damage my frets nor it will make my guitar sound bad right? I thought it was my cheap amp. My noobie friend said if i were to plug my guitar into a better amp, the buzzing sound would be heard. Okay thanks.

My frets are all fine. No raised or lifting frets. If I were to send for set-up, I mean what can they do? All i see is the screws for adjusting action. They'll help me clean my necks? I'm afraid that if i send for a set-up, they'll make my action super high...
just send it back to Sweelee to let them adjust the action slightly higher. They know what to do. Having a slightly higher action won't kill you anyway.

if you're really unsure, ask to talk to the tech and ask him to explain to you what he's doing. then you'll be more assured of any changes.