email notification of private messages

crozzfire said:

the website costs money to run, u know, plus such a service will require more money. in any case, i'd rather see the money go towards more constructive and useful things like the lessons section that james is planning, the current review sections, and the photo galleries.
urm yea, as u guys said, its available, under the profiles part. haha, i was of the impression james disabled it or something :oops: in any case, with email notifications on pm, wont it make ur inbox messy?
urm.. i meant, u'll be getting one email for every pm u get? say u posted something and someone chooses to flame u like crazy with pms, ur inbox gets owned too haha. in any case, personal preference i suppose.
soft said:
how much are you willing to pay for such a service?

lol.. wahlao.. :lol:
eh2, just a suggestion.
maybe its possible to put a pop up.
so when one comes to SOFT and he/she has a PM, they'll realise that they have a PM.
"You've got PM"
thats if they dun wan e-mail notification.