Elite Tone Fuzz Monster Version 1 Prototype #3 - Rare Collector Item


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Selling This Quirky One-of-a-kind Pedal. Dual stage effect pedal w two separate circuits for germanium and silicon fuzz. Combine them to get fuzz sounds that's ... weird. This pedal is for someone who is experimental and wanting to be different. The pedal is temperamental. Sometimes need a bit of kick to get it cranking. Lots of dials to experiment ... n once u got all the dials in place ... the sound is unbelievable. Warning : this pedal is not for ur 'safe' guitarist ( Get a Boss pedal ). Google for more info. One more thing...some parts of the pedal has been 'touched up' and personalised. Even got the signature of the builder n serial number prototype #3. Text 82229338 to deal.
Selling $200