WTS/WTT A couple of pedals


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Couple of pedals I'm looking to get rid of
Letting them go at a good price! I'm looking for a couple of pedals to swap them out for, so if you have what I'm looking for, lets work something out! Prices and trades are negotiable, can be further discussed :)


MXR Dyna Comp Mini - Excellent little compressor pedal that virtually takes up no space on your board. A mini version of a classic pedal. Simple 2 knobs for output, and sensitivity (of the comp), and an attack switch to toggle between a fast and slow attack. Extremely useful compressor!
Letting go this one for $90! Retails for $129 at sweelee

TC Electronic Sub n Up Mini - A mini octave pedal with a freakin wide range of sounds. Tailor the exact sound you need from your pedal from your smartphone using the toneprint app. More specific sounds can be made using the toneprint programme on your computer, and importing them into your pedal through a usb cable. Features 3 knobs to control your dry signal, lower octave and higher octave.
Looking for $110 for this! Retails at $149 at sweelee

MXR Custom Shop Shin-juku drive - MXR's Custom Shop's take on the coveted Dumble amps, this was designed alongside a famous japanese pedal builder, Mr Shin-ichi Suzuki. Get a huge range of sounds from light overdrives with the gain down low, all the way to sweet saturated fuzz tones on this single pedal. Just as the amp it is based on, this pedal is a hard one to come by as there's only a limited number of this pedal made in the world, 2500 pieces only!.
This is going for $180, price is firm as i'm in no hurry to sell this one

If you're looking for trades, I'm currently looking for
Boss OC-3
Keeley Katana
Xotic SP Compressor
Keeley Monterey

Drop me a message at nine 22 seven zero 222 for more info and photos!