WTS: Boutique pedals (Analogman, Free the Tone, Manlay etc)

Matt K

New member
Letting go of the following:

Analogman Bi-Chorus- $300
All analog chorus, extra footswitch to instantly swap between two settings. One of the lushest choruses I've played.

Free the Tone Silky Comp SC-1- $220
Extremely transparent compressor pedal, high-quality and hand built in Japan. Tightens up your signal with minimal noise or colour to your base tone.

Manlay Sound Ronno Bender- $270
Mk1 tonebender clone, handwired in Spain. Awesome sustain, think Mick Ronson tones. Also has an added vintage/modern bias switch so you can achieve either nice cleanup or spitty/gated fuzz with the volume rolled down.

Jext Telez Jext Face High Gain NOS 2n404- $250
Fuzz Face clone from Jext Telez, who are on a pedal building hiatus right now, so don't expect any more of these built anytime soon. Specially selected high gain NOS germanium transistors makes it a really raw and aggressive fuzz face.

Pedal Pawn Fuzz (Square Face clone)- $280
SRV's tech Cesar Diaz made a tweaked fuzz face circuit, and this is a clone of that. With the volume rolled down into a clean Fender amp, this is instant SRV tone. Rare NTE silicon transistors.

All pedals in excellent condition, no box for the Analogman. Contact 84two889two4 if you have any questions. Thanks!