E-MU Sound Central (ESC): Modern Symphonic Orchestra

I'm sorry, but the demos fail to impress. It may be OK for people who own EmulatorX and ProteusX to get them - but definitely not worth for people who don't have these cards to get them + the cards for these sounds (is it the bundle for 399USD?). But even for those who have the cards, better consider seriously before getting them.

Almost everything sounds wrong - the strings sounds like synth, worse when playing fast articulations. The brass - either they ran out of articulations to play proper sfz/ff sounds, or the the person is too lazy to use other articulations except portato samples.

I read that the demos have been processed using Lexicon reverb - in other words, this is not what you'll get out of the box. In orchestral sample libraries, you have to be VERY CAREFUL in this area. Using reverb covers up a lot of boo boos - and if they used LEXICON and YET sound like this - you'll get a shock when you play it out of the box!

So, if I'm going to buy my first orchestral sample library, I would either get GPO or EWQLSO (Silver) - cheaper than their bundle and sounds better!

Check out their demos and compare!!

Silencer said:
agreed. garritan has the best orchestral sounds i've heard so far.

Not the best, but the one of the best for the price. VSL and ESQLSO (Platinum) are both way superior but then they cost thousands!
They are also sold in various places.

Garritan's site sells at 259USD.
Time+space (UK) is about 115 pounds (ie 200USD - excluding VAT)
MTLC (US) is 249 USD.

You need to check on shipping to see which is cheaper. I'm surprised myself that Time+Space is cheaper since they tend to be the most expensive of all - usually...

Garritan site is selling for US$199 + shipping to Asia US$35. Not sure if it's on limited offer or it's a strip-down version of sorts.
pianodancer said:
Garritan site is selling for US$199 + shipping to Asia US$35. Not sure if it's on limited offer or it's a strip-down version of sorts.

Oops, you're right. I saw the JABB library pricing. So you got it - Garritan's site is the cheapest!

Also found out today (I know, I know, I'm a bit slow...) that there's vpost where you can order US products, get them sent to an address designated by singapore post, then singapore post will send it to singapore. Some things eventually turns out cheaper because their shipping is cheaper.

Garritan Personal Orchestra US$199

Yes, I've used vpost before, and in some ways it's good if you buy from US online stores where it does not ship to Singapore. One problem with using vpost is that you don't really know EXACTLY how much the vpost charge is if your item is non-standard. However, since the difference between US and Asia shipping is US$20, I believe the savings are substantial.
Haven't tried, but knowing Garritan's stuffs, listening to the demos, looking at the intrument list and the articulations, you can't go wrong with JABB. Reviews elsewhere nothing but positive - as with all Garritan's libraries. And at that price, nobody can complain!