Drum Xchange :: 11 June 2011 at GRID New Media Studios *SCAPE Level 4


Soft Drum Xchange Singapore

FaceBook Event Link: -

11th June 2011, 3-7pm
at GRID New Media Studios, Level 4 *SCAPE


What is Drum Xchange?

The objective of Drum Xchange Singapore is to

- Promote the exchange of drumming knowledge, drumming techniques, drums and drum equipment

- Identify and nurture drum talent in Singapore

- Welcome all regardless of race, language, religion, gender and music genre.

Proudly sponsored by:

Guitar77 & MAPEX Drums

Guitar 77

Excel Sports & Music, Music Theme & Carlos Drums

Proudly supported by:

360 Without Borders & *Scape


Jurong Green Community Club

Singapore DrumFest (Tan Boon)

Singapore Drumfest

Drum Resources (Nigel)

Drums Resources

If you are an educator or professional and would like to drop by, please email us at drumxchangesingapore@gmail.com and we will be in touch with you!

or - You can PM - directly from here

All is welcome!

Thanks and see you there!

Best Regards,
Team DXS

Useful Links
Soft DXS - Membership Registration
Soft DXS - House Rules
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Drum Playalongs - contributed by YOU! (Yes you softies :D)

You've seen it .. you've heard it... playalongs contributed by softies Ritz & Dane Tan at the last DXS (click below to check it)

Ritz at Soft DXS April 2011 - drum cover playalong
Ludacris - How Low

Dane Tan at Soft DXS April 2011 - drum cover playalong
Lamb Of God - Laid To Rest

Nows your chance... just pick a song, bring it with you on your iPod/iPhone/MP3 player, and we'll hook you up to the loudspeakers and let you have your 5 mins of drumming awesomeness!

Limited availability ... PM us to reserve a slot!

Pearl Rhythm Traveler (Japan Edition)




A couple of us softies have purchased this japan edition together with bags tailored for easy & convenient transport.

The main difference between this and the Asian/USA edition is the bass drum is a 14x13" floor tom-type.

We'll be bringing this for softies to try out. Come and check it out!! (cymbals sold separately :D)

Drum Sessions - Arvin Paul


An avid drummer and music enthusiast, Arvin currently plays in local supagroove outfit the Fungki Munkees.

Arvin will be sharing with us some of his favourite groovin' licks n stickings. Come n get hooked !!

'Drum Clinic' - A regular series hosted by Ritz


Have a question on drumming? Local drum sensation Ritz is in da house, and will advice and answer your queries on grip, drum technique, learning different styles of music.
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Please Join Us - It's FREE and Please Help Us Spread The WORDS Around -

Soft's Drum Xchange Singapore Existing Members _ We Hope To See You - Old Time Kakis Meetup

Bring along your Friends or GFs also can - There is a Flea-Mart Below --- They will shop for hours & Hours there - no Worry

It's going To be NIceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

- -

Clash with NDP rehearsal. :(

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS – This is ALSO a – NDP Rehersal for DXS here …same same. ..after this – WE ( DXS) Will Pick – one or a few Drummers up to play at – NDP Special Event …Shhhhhhh hh Don’t tell people har ? .kekekeke
A Thank You Note To - MAPEX ! - - For Being Soft’s DXS Main Sponsor Since Day 1 - - - Till Todate – From The Committee Of DXS Here

and - - - -

YES…YES - - “ DXS Members ” Would Love to be ABLE TO TEST-DRUM on – MAPEX Orion Kit &
FALCON Double Pedals “ --- … In Our DXS Meetups ! – Thank You MAPEX…
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS – This is ALSO a – NDP Rehersal for DXS here …same same. ..after this – WE ( DXS) Will Pick – one or a few Drummers up to play at – NDP Special Event …Shhhhhhh hh Don’t tell people har ? .kekekeke

Okay, see you there on my armoured vehicle then? :D
This is like the 2nd time I gonna miss DXS. :(
Wa johann, you are working again, sian, i need to go there myself, i can predict that this event would be big, Especially with my drum teacher ritz hehe.
Hi there! I'm still in my beginner level of my drum class and was hoping to watch all the performers to learn more from them =) do we have to register to get in? lucky I went to see this thread =)
Hi lovelywatcher, welcome to SOFT! There's no registration required. Do come by and hang out with fellow drummers.
Yah just come and Enjoy yrself get to know the Drummers here ..AND - I give you a FREE- DXS SOUVENIR ..here ..Remember to ask for RudimentalDrummer..Eric...Kekekekke



Thanks Eric! Don't know exactly what's in the DXS souvenir but sound's cool! hahahaha
Hoping to meet new drummers there =)
See Pics http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150203375093020.318675.782033019

Soft’s Drums Xchange Singapore ( DXS ) Meetup on 11th June at GRID ( SCAPE) was indeed – FUN.

What Do You Get When You Put All The Drummers into a ROOM – but - With 4 Kits there ……

Be Prepared For “ GANGBANG SESSION “ .. - Whahahahhahaha !

Watch the Video Clips…Who arethe 4 Drummers ? Kekekekke
DXS GANGBANG VIDEO: - http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150203980458020

BUT IT WAS ALL – REALLY FUN - Be it you’re involve in the GangBang or simply just WATCHING the GangBang

This 11th Meetup is a Time – Where DXS Committee wanted it to be in a More-Relax Manner, to allow Drummers to FREELY Mingle Around and GET COMFORTABLE WITH EACH OTHER here ……

So – GET USE TO IT …Metalheads ..Mosh but Drummers GangBang by Nature ( It’s a Culture a Beliefs) -- Different Social Music Group does have some slight Differences ...Seriously If you have not “ Tried GangBang & Stuffs Like These Which Are Funnnn ” – JOIN US in our Next Meetup …Ehhh.hhh and I mean GangBang.

Well = 11th June GangBang Session is Made Possible ( Thanks To Alfe our Chairman – who didn’t join in the GangBang Session for whatever reason, but WAS ENJOYING HIMSELF WATCHING THE SESSION whahahahha – and Melvin who did GangBang a little here and there SWITCHING BETWEEN PARTNERS & BANGING – I mean the DRUMS of course here..

Well – I mentioned thanks to Alfe and Melvin was because – they actually Brought their OWN PERSONAL PEARL RYTHMN TRAVELLER there – for DXS Members to have Fun – the 2 Kits were DIFFERENT. It was “The Japan Version Of Rythmn Traveller “ ..Nice Sounding Though Small Compact Kit that can be all Stuff onto a Traveller Bag with Wheels …Awesomeeeeee – It cost somewhere around S$1400.00…I heard

Guitar 77 Boss (Mapex Drums Distributor was there too) … nice man kekekeke .. I wonder if he was SHOCK or SIMPLY AMUSE by the GANGBANGING HAPPENNING there … but I think he has ENJOY IT whahahahhahahaha…That’s the FUN of Being a Mapex Drum Distributor I guess …You Get To Watch US … GANGBANG..Kekekekke !

Till then --- my Fellow Drummers – We will see you in the Next DXS Meetup Session Couple with a “ Little GangBang Session just for your Sole-Enjoyment Purposes -- -Too Much Of GangBang Is Really Bad For Us – True isn’t it ..


We ( DXS Committee ) Hope To See You All Soon …. Remember – VISIT – Soft Music Forum Below – WATCH OUT FOR THE NEXT …Soft’s Drum Xchange Singapore ( DXS) Meetup ---

Soft Music Forum All Threads

How To Drum Threads:-

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Pearl Rhythm Traveller (Japan Edition) - Unboxing, Setup, Soundcheck!

4 Drumkits Drumshed at Drum Xchange Singapore June 2011 Meetup

Drummers from percussion group Baracuda Batucada at Drum Xchange Singapore June 2011 meetup

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