drum triggers


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anyone know where i can get drum triggers locally? the triggers mounted on the drums itself,not the module. ddrum redshots are out of my price range,im just looking for something simple and durable,and hopefully won't false trigger too much. any suggestions?
yo unsane, ive succesfully made my own triggers in the past, all the stuff u need are at sim lim tower. i converted my DW pacific Chameleon and even made a dual zone snare with rimshot capability, price wise its very cheap. besides i dun think i can get triggers in singapore, havent seen any yet. the one i made are of the cross member kind and not like the Ddrum redshots kind or those dat u stick on yer drum heads. good luck
ah yes ive seen the plans for building your own triggers online,but im a complete idiot at soldering/electronics so i would rather not go there given the choice.
looking at my previous post,i mustve been really tired because actually ddrum redshots are what im looking for,and they're fairly affordable. i would rather not order from overseas though,so was just wondering if something like that was available locally.
what are cross member triggers?
i see, soldering is not so bad, i was in yer boat too last time. redshots are triggers dat are attached to the rims, crossmember DIYs are like roland mesh head pads where there is somthin from within the drum shell span across the center (see snare drum in drum kit page) http://photos.yahoo.com/schmuck07
it has better trigerring than another trigger in market wchich are called "dots"
dots are something like wat i did to my tom1 in same pic.
i forgot the company dat does them tho. ar eu gonna use mesh heads or regular drum heads?
so far i havent seen drum triggers here is sg, maybe im wrong tho
im intending to use the triggers with regular drumheads in my bands jamming studio to beef up the drum sound,especially the kick,and possibly to use when we play live rather than relying on whatever shitty kit they have at the venue. that's why im looking into the redshots..they just attach to the lug.
i was thinking of going the DIY way actually,especially after seeing the low cost involved,but durability would be a factor...our drums take quite a beating (black/death metal) and i've heard of connections breaking due to vibrations after awhile,even with the cheaper low end triggers..
but yeah,guess theres not much of a market for triggers/modules in singapore...looks like i might have to order online after all. i'd probably only get snare/kick though,cant afford 5 triggers for all my toms..