Dressing Punk or HIP HOP!


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Hehe, wonder if any of u guys are in this category.

Anyway, wad accessories or how would u describe these 2 different cultures???

Post pictures or stereotypical views here. Also add how to achieve those looks:)

no idea man. Even if you were to ask me how to dress 'rock', I'll just tell you that it's IN THE HEART.
punk just buy atticus tee...hip hop, maybe an oversized jersey...some bling bling?follow john cena?
hullabalooeeks, post a pix of yourself here leh. then we see if we can do magic. :wink:

* there are some photoshop experts lurking around
Hiphop: The art of hanging chains with 6 kg crosses dangling from them around your neck till you're barely able to move, thus resulting in a staggered, swaggering gait while walking, which instantly identifies you as "cool". In order to achieve the full effect, you are also required to learn how to spit verses faster than a freight train, and develop the habit of tearing off your shirt for the camera at every available opportunity to showcase your secksy muscles. :lol:

Punk: The art of being a wanker and dressing like dudes you see on mtv. :twisted:
Hiphop: Oversized clothes that make you look like some POW who just received clothes donations from some obese kid. Bling bling, yes an essential. Big chunky accessories that'll need a year in the gym before you have strength to walk with it.

Punk: Eyeliner? I don't know, basically the stereotyped ah lian dressing up with lots of eyeliner, a trucker cap, short skirt, black nailpolish and going 'wO sHi pUnK rOcK nEhHhxXxXx'
i've got some pictures of me all punked up but i dont know how to put em up in the forum. if anyone of u wld care to teach me how then yeah i'll be sure to post em up. oh and shert, punk isnt being a wanker n dressin like those idoits on mtv. thats punk rock. n candie, eyeliner belongs to gay emo pricks. punk isnt defined by dressing but the common dressing wld be a band tee, leather jacket wit studs, spikes and embroided patches, ripped jeans and steel-toed boots. hairstyle wise, what else but a mohawk or chaos spikes. ok theres my 2 cents worth. bout hip hop, i wont write on it cuz im 48 cents short heh.
erm.. here's my view on these two dressing..

Hiphop: Blings! Lotsa bings! Esp those real shiny one, must polish everyday to get that effect. Well if you're rich enough get a diamond bling, best. Oversize shirt. Well, jus any oversize top. Not forgetting the oversize pants, those real baggy ones. Nice shoes too!! Esp dunks. Erm bout the hair, how bout some braided locks? Rings too! Big bling bling rings! Well, a diamond stud on one of the tooth would be a plus point when you smile. Oh those oversize shades too. Sports arm band.

Punk: REAL leather jacket, studs on the jacket. Colour: Everything black, red once in a while. Boots, or those chucks. Spiky hair! Mohawk! Skinhead! Rancid tshirt. Peircings and tatoos! Looking moody and emo. Leather pants or some ripped jeans. Occasionally a cool shade. Daring hair colour, like red or purple. Leather spike arm bands.

hmm cant think of anymore. Well it will be cool if you wear that for a costume party.
Bro angusyoung: That's the point im getting at. You can't define punk, and anyone who attempts to do so is just a poser. 8)
Kaye said:
Spiky hair! Mohawk! Skinhead!
punks and skinheads are two completely different things. skinheads are well, bald. lol. or the least they have a crop of hair. yeah but the skinhead n punk culture are two different things. yup. just to let u know.

shert: hey man. u are right in a way. haha punk isnt defined by the outside but the inside -taps on my heart-. sadly, the true meaning of punk has been lost over the generations since the 70s.
there's only a thin line between being a genuine rock-aficionado, a hip hop lover, a punkhead and a poser.

sadly, most of the people who potray their "worship" of these cultures externally (dressing up redundantly) are posers.. i personally feel there's no need to dress up like one; like SherT said .. it's in the heart, you don't define them with your dressings, it's so passe and wrong.
Doesn't matter who said it, it's still the truth. Posers deserve to die by slow bleeding.
you don't wear your passion or religion on your sleeve, you wear it in your heart.

your influences may show through in your dressing, but if you have to dress punk to be punk, then you're missing the point of punk in the first place, aren't you? If I understand correctly, the origins of punk was

Similarly, hip-hop doesn't have to be about the bling that much either. That's commercialism of the bigheads in the culture, those you see in the media. The true hip-hop rapping kids in the ghettos of black USA can't afford any bling, but they are true to their culture.