Double locking guuitar


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hi guys..
would like to get some advice..
im using an ibanez js100 qith a double locking system..
thats my only electrric guitar so sometimes when it comes to playing songs with diff tunings.. can really be a pain!!
will it defeat the purpose of unsrewing the locking device and keep it w/o the device?
then can tune up and down.
i saw some guys doing that at gigs but im not sure of the reliability to stay in tune and will the floating bridge be raised or lowered if i use the whammy bar often while playing..
thank u
You can use the guitar without the locking clamp on the nut (headstock). But the effect of the lock satbility will be lost.

Changing tuning will be a bit longer as you need to cycle thru a number of times before tuning stable. As is any floating bridge.

That's why some bands switch to another git for diff songs.

All depends on the hardware of your guitar. If poorly built ones, the Floyd Rose is just for show, after a few times of tremming, you git gets outta tune.

Ibanez ones should be ok lah.
If you are not clamping down the strings, better remove it totally. leaving it dangling, will introduce vibration sound from it when you play. Also chances of losing it is higher since you didn't tighten it down.
If those songs you play which have different tunings don't require you to make use of the trem, then you could stick a piece of wood/battery into the trem cavity or in the backplate where the springs are. Stick the thing in and the trem will be locked. Then you can remove your locking nuts and make whatever tuning adjustments you need. When the need for a trem calls, remove the obstruction. :wink:
and if you only do drop-d, the solution is simple - remove the one on top! putting 2/3 locking nuts won't spoil your guitar in any way, and it's usually the thinner strings that need to stay in tune after u do ur whammy/bends and stuff.