distortion and overdrive stompboxes


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hi i am looking to buy an overdrive pedal. thinking of boss overdrive, ibanez tubescreamer or digitech bad monkey. anybody tried? how versatile in what kinds of tone will they give?
Well, for 1 thing blueark, there's a similiar thread, or rather, many similiar threads around.

2nd thing, whitebrokenriff, you never tell us more details, what music you hope to play? What gear do you have? What kind of tone you looking for? Who out here has tone you like? All the neccessary things to help you out... otherwise, we all be shooting blindfolded.
They are technically..

But distortion is more of a very hard overdrive. So people call it distortion.

Overdrive today is generally judged as lower saturation tones.
WELL, the search option is LIMITED, and i cant get alot of information for your information, so yeah why not start a new thread. i want to do CR music from cream, gilmour, page stuff to anything modern. i have got an rg and a vox.
or you could be looking at a visual sound jekkyl+hyde.

if you want a cream sort of tone you might be looking at a modded blues driver here, though.
superkicky said:
or you could be looking at a visual sound jekkyl+hyde.

if you want a cream sort of tone you might be looking at a modded blues driver here, though.

Does anybody know how much the visual sound jekkyl+hyde cost Or where can i find it?
detroit: how much for an amp to recreate the same tone from GT2, and to be used outside for gigs? Not that it's stellar like a Fender Bassman or Soldano SLO, but go figure.

For $270 i suppose it's the price now, what amps would you get? No harsh feelings bro, just try not to digress like that.

white: my suggestions to you would be to go try the Digitech Bad Monkey, VS J&H.....the TS9 alone cant cover that much ground from the tones of guitarists you'd mentioned though. Hope that helps
get a distortion and overdrive pedal, that will cover alot of ground. If u are on budget, a ds1 and sd1 will be quite good enough.

Btw those who were sarcarstic in the first few posts, please stop. If u don wana help jus don post, no point being sarcarstic. How would u feel if u were at the receiveing end of the sarcasm?
this kind of questions have been posted over, over, over and over again. Doing a search will find lots of info...

if there's nothing wrong in asking, most probably there is also nothing wrong in being sacastic, just like nothing wrong to say, do a search before asking goes a long way!!!
oh... i just realised you're using an RG. you might want to take a look at the fulltone fulldrive, apparently they work very well with humbuckers. $325 from www.mrmisse.com, but i'm not sure if he's got any in stock.
Dear whitebrokenriff, please do a search. This has been discussed a lot of times, even scrolling thru a few pages will yield some info.

In anycase, your request seems to be more of a matter of personal tastes. You can see the options ppl suggest, ranging from the $60 Boss SD1 to the $420 Keeley TS9DX.

You should drop by Penni to try out as many things as possible. The MXR Zack Wylde OD, the Behringer pedals, the Keeleys at G77, so on so forth.

Let your ears decide what rocks for you, then come back here with a listing. Then those of us who are experienced can help sort it out for you.